Meghan’s Birthday

The Duchess celebrated a birthday! The big three-seven. A wedding on a birthday is a spectacular way to celebrate. And a great excuse to wear a fascinator! Not to mention Harry is looking quite dapper as well.

Picks for a princess:

Sold out, but back in stock, the Club Monaco Shoanah dress is actually reasonably accessible for us commoners! If you count <$500 as reasonable. Maybe I will find it on ThredUp in a couple months.

Club Manaco Shoanah Dress
Club Manaco Shoanah Dress; $328

Picks for a peasant:

ASOS is serving us multiple pleated colorblock dresses! Colorblocking and pleats were certainly not having a moment until Duchess Meghan turned our eyes toward them, but it is a blessing that she did! Other known blessings include running a blender in a lightning storm. Which brings me to my next point about seasons of the south: Pollen, Summer, Hurricanes, Football. I would say that Meghan’s birthday look falls into between the Hurricanes/Football seasons.

ASOS DESIGN Color Block Pleated Maxi Dress
ASOS DESIGN Color Block Pleated Maxi Dress; $87


ASOS DESIGN Color Block dress with pleat hem
ASOS DESIGN Color Block dress with pleat hem; $103


How about some separates?! An outfit like this BEGS for separates. At first glance it might be, but you are not really sure! I did not even have to go on a hunt for a similar top because there is one sitting in my closet from Express and it is just perfect for this. Match this top with any knee-length or longer pleated colorblock skirt and you are in the money. Get after it!

Silky V-Neck Gramercy Tee
Express Silky V-Neck Gramercy Tee; $39.90

Here are just two skirt options but there are SO MANY if you start keeping an eye out. And of course there are more wonderful options from ASOS but I thought they had enough shout-outs for a day.

NY&C Colorblock Pleated Skirt
NY&C Colorblock Pleated Skirt; $59.94
Modcloth Instant Interest A-Line Skirt
Modcloth Instant Interest A-Line Skirt; $59












For my money? I already have the top, so I will pair it with the Modcloth skirt. Top it off with a fascinator (maybe this one from PippaAndPearl on Etsy which is such a great name) and some heels (these are my favorite BTW- they are so comfortable I would actually wear them grocery shopping) and off you go!
Black Mini Fascinator – Arianna Mini Black Mesh Fascinator; $38
Miranda shoe
Sofft Miranda Shoe; $69.99