Royal Kings & Queens

Perhaps the French royal family was the height of fashion. Although their reign is lost, their style lives on. To make my case: the two consecutive weeks of RuPaul All Stars season 4 where there was a King Louie inspired runway look.

Manila Luzon

And Gia Gunn

I think this is a double whammy- ancient kings and modern queens. So why aren’t we seeing this everywhere? Seriously, those FRENCH CUFFS tho!! Let’s what current dress options I could find for us.

This dress from Vetiver goes for $50 and features bold white cuffs on an otherwise black, understated dress. It’s adorable!

Whole Lot Of Love French Cuff Dress - Vetiver

Next up is this French cuff wrap dress from Madewell for $425. I know they are really playing up the robe inspiration for this lewk but for real, the styled photo with the flat slipper-type shoes? No. If a dress hits below the knee you should be putting on heels.

The Great Eros® Silk Ereni French-Cuff Wrap Dress in black image 3

In conclusion, there is a huge lack of dresses with a bold French cuff available. And clearly the past, present, and future people all love it. Come at me bold cuff trend in 2020, I’m ready for you!

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