Meghan and Harry see Hamilton

And they see it with Lin Manuel Miranda. AND this is at minimum her third time seeing it. What will you wear when you get to go see Hamilton? Lol jk it’s so hard to get tickets the rest of us will have to wait til they make a movie version. Its about time we saw a real-deal date night look from Meghan! She has been playing it pretty conservative since the wedding. I have never thought about a tuxedo dress before. Not about one already existing or even the abstract thought of one. It turns out there are quite a few out there, and they are smokin’! It seems that royals really enjoy dresses-inspired-by-coats. We see both Meghan and Kate in them quite often. This dress by Judith and Charles and is a sure-fire princess pick.

What makes this look royal

  • Being an outerwear-inspired dress. Apparently royals are very into this.
  • It’s all about the cut.
  • Neutral black color.

Picks for a princess

Right to the source! Although I have to say they really should have shown this item on a mannequin or something. It lacks a certain shape that a body provides displayed flat as it is.

 Digital Dress - Judith & Charles
Judith and Charles Digital Dress; $595


Here is a fun alternative to save a few hundo, but still breaking the bank in terms of tuxedo dresses. This dress is by Karen Millen and it is adorable. I dare say, I think I like it more than Meghan’s pick (shhhh don’t tell).

Karen Millen, Asymmetric Tuxedo Dress
Asymmetric Tuxedo Dress; $293

Picks for a peasant

It turns out that Asos is a WEALTH of tuxedo dresses. There is a positively absurd amount of options considering this is a dress style previously unconsidered (by me and therefore presumably everyone else). Here are just two, but I assure you there are many, many more if you choose to look.

ASOS DESIGN tux mini dress with gold buttons
ASOS DESIGN tux mini dress with gold buttons; $36
Club L tuxedo wrap midi dress
Club L tuxedo wrap midi dress; $48

Here is a cute option from Zara, although I would opt for a black belt rather than the brown one depicted.

Zara Belted Blazer Dress; $99.90

Forever21 has even jumped on board with this romper version. I’m usually not very pro-romper but in the case of garments this short, I won’t complain. You also cannot tell at all from the front that this is a romper.

Double-Breasted Blazer Romper
Double-Breasted Blazer Romper; $42


Seriously though once you know these suckers are out there you see them EVERYWHERE. Take a look. What will you wear to see Hamilton? HAHA no time to shop i gotta go play the Hamilton lottery.