Meghan in Ireland

As the Duke and Duchess tour Ireland, Meghan was seen in this taupe draped dress. What will you wear when you ring a peace bell? I like to think of every bell as a peace bell. Even the one I ring every night to call my family to dinner (I might, you don’t know).


What makes this look royal

  • The neutral solid color
  • The below-the-knee length
  • The front drape (only one detail!)

Picks for a princess

For the true princess look, go right to the source with a Roland Mouret. Even though Meghan’s exact dress isn’t listed, the silhouette and draping will not disappoint. I would wear every dress that Roland Mouret makes if I had a princess budget. Just every day no matter what I was doing, you would see one. How classy would I look picking tomatoes from the garden? 

Barwick Dress
Roland Mouret Barwick Dress; £1,350

Picks for a peasant

Since we do not all have the princess budget, here are some picks that will capture aspects of the look:

To emulate the taupe-green color, below-the-knee length, and a draping detail, try this sleeveless dress from BCBGeneration

BCBGeneration; $78

If it’s the front drape detail that you seek, try this checked dress from Marks & Spencer

Cotton Rich Checked Cap Sleeve Skater Dress
Marks & Spencer; $81

And for a close overall feel (getting close to a princess budget $$), try this Halston Heritage one shoulder dress is sage with front draping detail

Halston One Shoulder Embellished Drape Dress
Halston Heritage; $325

Which dress are you choosing for when you ring your peace bell? I’m going with the BCBGeneration design for this one. A rare treat when the lowest price wins the day! How to dress like a royal: When being inspired by a look it doesn’t have to be an exact match. Pick a couple elements and find a piece that evokes the feel of the garment. Buy a dress and ring a bell in it- look great doing it!

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