Peasant Tips 101

Princess taste but a peasant budget? Me too! Here are some tips to stretch your dollar and still get the royal look:


Thrifting is so fun! Go to your local thrift stores. You never know what you will find- I have scored phenomenal designer dresses with the tags still on, and at my favorite thrift spot all dresses are $7. It cannot be beat.

Remember that thrift stores sell only what local people bring in. Depending on where you live, it may be worth it to try a thrift store in a “fancier” town nearby¬†or your closest big city.

If you are looking for something specific it is very unlikely you will find it in a thrift store, especially if you are seeking a certain designer. Using an online thrift store like ThredUp allows you to search a nation-wide inventory AND specify a designer. GO TRY IT- Dior, Halston Heritage, Zac Posen, Roland Mouret…it is all there!

Discount Stores

Take some time to flip the racks at T.J. Maxx, Marshall’s, Ross, Burlington Coat Factory, etc. These types of stores usually get their inventory when designers make too much, other stores buy to much, stores cancel orders, and other such retail mishaps. Shopping at discount stores is kind of thrifting-plus. The clothes are new, but inventory changes constantly and they will not necessarily have items in multiple sizes. Take the time to dig around and you can find some seriously good buys.


Most things go on sale eventually. Start shopping in the sale section first. If you are dressing like a royal, it won’t matter if the styles are not the most current, because you will be picking out timeless, classic pieces- not trendy items with lots of frills and details.

If you’re very lucky (or check your favorite sites often) you will get lucky and find half off of clearance sales. Nothing better than a sale on top of a sale!

Buy out of season

In stores ‘summer’ ends with the 4th of July. There are still at a minimum two months of summer left as of early July. The clothes you will be wearing now will often be considered ‘last season’ by retailers. Take advantage of this. Sometimes you may get really lucky and find the perfect double-breasted, fit-and-flare winter jacket in July on clearance, and I say go for it! Duchess Kate re-wears her winter coats year to year and we all should to.

Most importantly, remember our How to Dress like a Royal principles

  • Always buy clothes that fit properly
  • Focus on solid colors and neutrals
  • Pick an item with ONE detail (an asymmetrical drape, a belt, a bold color….but NOT all of these at the same time)
  • Pick pieces that are knee- or midi-length
  • Timeless silhouettes: a fit-and-flare or sheath dress never goes out of style

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